Smiling’s my Favorite

I love the holidays. My favorite is Christmas. So, I was thinking the other day, that ’tis the season of flannel pajamas, hot chocolate and Christmas movies. This and a Facebook post also led me to thinking about my favorite Christmas movie. There is one that I love, but first, others that popped into my head are: Rudolph, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! My favorite is Elf, starring Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel! I love Will Ferrell! There is a goofy charm he has and it definitely made him perfect for the role. Zooey’s character was a good balance, and a little love story at Christmas never hurt anyone.

Elf is a great family film, and it’s just fun to watch! It’s like they took the joy of Christmas, magic, lot’s of maple syrup, Will Ferrell and made a great movie out it all! Elf is my favorite because it makes me laugh and smile. It’s one of those where you’re smiling and still thinking about it after you have watched it; well for me anyway. I look forward to watching it every year as it has become  a tradition to do so. It’s hard to believe it has been out for 13 years already! If you have never seen it, you don’t know what you are missing. If you have seen it and “don’t care” for it, I recommend you watch with someone who loves it or watch it with kids. If you still don’t like it then  I’m not sure how to help you. Maybe sing? After all, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Mini… Just a little more


Wow it’s been nuts!! Spring is really crazy! Soccer, baseball, horseback riding, and karate. Not to mention school work/ projects, PTA, conferences and my never ending mountain of laundry. I know I’m not the only one! Anyway, time for a Riley update. She’s been in therapy once a week’ish for over a month. She’s missed a couple appointments. One beyond my control and the other, well, that could have been avoided and that is an entire blog series of its own. We have seen such an astounding improvement and she loves going! When she didn’t get to go those couple times she was so upset I can’t even describe. 

She is more aware of her actions. By this I mean that she is realizing the consequences of her actions, good or bad, sooner. Usually it wouldn’t hit home until after she’s done the “thing.” Her habits are changing too; in a positive way. She treats others better and with a little more respect. She is realizing more that you get what you give; respect, patience, and grace! I know she is still learning about herself. We all are. Her learning how to express how she feels and understanding those feelings. We as a family are learning and growing too. We can’t give up on her. Her feelings and frustrations are valid just like ours. She just needs the support and room to grow and learn. 

My heart hurts for her some because I know that is not the case everywhere she goes. Some people can’t handle her in all her “Riley-ness.” I can’t imagine not being able to be you and being told how you feel isn’t okay and it doesn’t matter. I made that mistake with her before. I feel bad for that but on the flip side I feel good that I noticed early enough to make positive changes for her and myself. I noticed that she didn’t respond to certain types of confrontation and discipline very well. I have learned that, just like adults, sometimes she just wants to be heard and told in response that it’s okay to be angry or sad or frustrated. Sometimes she just just needs some quality time. She is a tiny adult learning how to deal with her emotions. Her emotions are just a little more. Her heart is just a little more in it. Her mind just has a little more going on. So, in return, I just have to do a little more. Be a little more understanding and love a hell of a lot more. 


Woohooo!! Quick post. Riley has had a decent couple weeks; for the most part. The other weekend her brother had a sleepover for his birthday. Sad to say Riley has started to realize she doesn’t really have many friends. None that she calls or that call her to play or sleepover. She has rarely been invited to birthday parties since she started school. My poor girl has been pretty down in the dumps.  First therapy session is in the books. It was more of a getting to know you. I know I’ve said this and I’ll probably say it more but, we have a long road ahead of us. I love my girl and I can’t stand to see her this way. What mom would. I’m really excited for her because I know this going to help her so much. 
Just a fi picture of us at around the same age. This was her a couple of years ago!

Keeping up with my Mini

So there is this girl, she is pretty amazing. Life with her is an adventure. She is wild and crazy but kind and compassionate. She scatter-brained sometimes but has laser focus at other times. Her heart is big and I know in the deepest parts of mine that she is going to be AMAZING. Her name is Riley. She is 8; the youngest of the four in our beautifully blended family.

For the longest time we honestly thought she was just stubborn and did what she wanted, when she wanted and didn’t really care what you had to say about it. We have come a long way from that assumption. Riley is definitely an exciting young lady. I love everything about her despite how challenging she may be. She has brought out some ugly in me and some beautiful things. As she has grown I have noticed that there isn’t just stubbornness in there. There is so much to my Mini that I just can’t wrap my head around. I know there is more to her and her actions that we would like to admit. She isn’t a bully or mean just to be mean. She isn’t defiant or over the top she is passionate. She is sensitive. In trying to “manage” her I have really and truly learned a lot about her and myself.

She has encountered some challenges here and there since starting school. So in an effort to help her be as successful as possible we have started pursuing a full evaluation of her mental health. I can’t say it any other way and it took me a while to get there because along with issues at school there have been a lot of problems at home (over a long period of time). She’d have a good month or two, or more. Then BAM meltdown over the water temperaturein the shower or having to put her laundry away. Then there was lying about simple things. We would tell her just be honest, we won’t yell but there will be consequences and I am very disappointed. The straw that broke the camel’s back was that she stole $70 from her step-sisters purse. She came downstairs with a  $50 and a $20 in her hand and when I asked where it came from, she “couldn’t remember.” I knew exactly where it came from but I needed her to tell me. That took almost two hours. She finally came clean and we handled that situation as best as we could. Since then she has had some melt-downs and broken a few things and all of this prompted the last 6 weeks of peeling into her layers and trying to get to the bottom of her behavior because, like I said, I knew there was more to her than that.

She met with behavior specialist at her regular doctors office for about a month. Her determination and findings for Riley were that she needed further evaluation and regular visits with therapist. So here we are. She seems better for now. Some of her initial intake and evaluation revealed signs of anxiety, depression, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) , and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). We have a long road ahead of us. I pray, I get angry, I cuss up a storm, I cry, I smile, and then I pray some more. Somedays I want to pull my hair out and hers. Some days I want to lock myself in a closet and come out when she is 25. Don’t judge. I know that I have to do my best for her and what is best for her to be the amazing person she is going to be.


There Was a Young Woman Who Swallowed a Lie

This is fantastic!!

Gluestick Mum


There was a young woman who swallowed a lie.
An abject lie about her thighs.
Perhaps she’ll cry.

There was a young woman who read all the mags.
What a drag to read all the mags.
She read all the mags to quell the lie,
The abject lie about her thighs.
Perhaps she’ll cry.

There was a young woman who adopted each fad.
To feel more glad she adopted each fad.
She adopted each fad as she read all the mags.
What a drag to read all the mags.
She read all the mags as she swallowed the lie,
The abject lie about her thighs.
Perhaps she’ll cry.

There was a young woman who ate nothing but soup
Oh and bits of goop, but still mostly soup.
She ate the soup as she adopted each fad.
She adopted each fad as she read all the mags.
What a drag to…

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Man where the hell have I been? At the gym at 4 a.m. Monday thru Saturday! Sunday is my rest day, but with 4 kids that doesn’t really mean rest. We got a new puppy. His name is Vito. Yes as in The Don, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” He’s a great dog. Small compared to Gator the gigantor lab we have. It’s finally really spring here. I mean really. I think God was playing some drawn out April fool’s joke. Just last week we had a shot of snow covered in freezing rain and today it’s sunny an gorgeous!!! I’m loving the warm. I love sundresses and sandals weather.

Even if its a short blog update hey what’s up kind of post. I’m going to post more. I like it. It feels good. However random and unorganized my thoughts. I think it’ll get better! Happy weekend and fantastic weather!!

Here are Vito and Gator!!